animal feed pellet machine widely used in family and small scale farm making the pellets

animal feed pellet mill can make the pellets by shaft driving and high-technology, working without water, and belongs to dry-input, dry-output. The pellets made mainly by small breeding can preserve at least half one year.the animal feed pellet mill is widely used in family and small scale farm. The compressed feed pellet is healthier for poultry and livestock, such as chicken, duck, fish, pig, horse, cattle, sheep, etc.flat die feed pellet making machine is designed for feed grain feeding specialized households in rural areas and small farms, small and medium sized rabbit pellet feed plant design feed pelletizing equipment. the pellet mill is mainly used in specialized households and small farms in rural farming, rabbit factory. Crude fiber grain, such as: sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed skins, weeds and other crop straw particles. the animal feed pellet mill is also applicable to biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, fertilizer and other cold granulation.

features of the animal feed pellet mill:

a. the animal feed pellet mill, In the process of processing can makes protein concretionary changeability which can enhance nutrition, be absorbed conveniently and kill
general microbe,Convenient storage,and Long storage time.
b. The feeding port adopts stainless steel ,high anti- corrosion ability and long service life.
the animal feed pellet mill ha low noise, low malfunction, strong anti-overload, and continuous production of non-card machines.
d. The pressure roller, templates, high-quality wear-resistant, anti-fatigue Steel.
the animal feed pellet mill adopt German vacuum furnace heat treatment manufacturing processing and service life
extended by 5-7 times than the other.
f. When 
the animal feed pellet mill working put mixed powder feed to hopperto direct repression pellets,raw materials dry to dry-out, without drying, hard, smooth particles, forming rate of 100%.

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