The feed pellet machine has features of low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency

The feed pellet machine has features of low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency, and the feed pellet machine is easy to operate . Our factory has carefully developed the first domestic stereotypes patented product. The small pellet mill is suitable for medium and small farming, feed, organic fertilizer, chemical units or enterprises, less investment, quick, no risk,the feed pellet making machine is the ideal particle processing equipment.The feeding system adopts stepless speed changing motor control, adjust
speed conveniently and reliably. Could be equipped with microcomputer
automatic control system adjusts feed-in quantity and throttle flow
automatically to make the pellet mill in the best working condition all the time;our feed pellet mill is movable and easy operation. It is suitable for home use and small or big enterprises to produce animal feed, biomass pellet fuel and organic/inorganic fertilizer. It can be worked by diesel engine or electric motor. It’s environment friendly, clean and energy saving machine.

Major characteristics of feed pellet machine

1. our feed pellet machine has simple structure, wide application, small floor space, low noise level

2. Only need to add a little amount of liquid or no need at all to make powdery feed and grass meal into granules.Thus moisture content of granule feed is basically the same moisture content before granulation, so as to be easily stored.

3. Feed of chicken, duck, fish etc guarantees higher economic benefit than mixing powdery feed.

4. Feed granules made from dry materials are with higher hardness level, smooth surface, cooked inside and will make nutrition easily digested.

5. The formation process of granules will make pancreatic enzyme boycott factor in grains and beans denaturized, to reduce bad effects on digestion and kill all kinds of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms and reduce all kinds of parasitic and digestive system diseases.

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