Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine can make feed for fish, cat, any other animals

Floating Fish Feed Extruder Machine can make feed for fish, cat, any other animals. The raw material can be grain powder such as corn powder,soybean powder also fish meal, bone powder,meat powderand some food additive, etc.Available 10% starch content of aquaculture feed formulation to ensure pellet hardness, resistance to crushing and water resistance stability to prevent water pollution, Pasteur sterilization, attractant effect is significant, feed conversion ratio reduced by 5-10%, floating rate of 95% or more, floating time 1-6 hours .Be puffed processed fish type. Bones type. Cross. Flaky. Spherical particles. Particulate solid. Appearance round.

Advantages of floating fish feed pellet machine

1. Our floating fish feed extruder machine adopting international advanced cutting pellet structure, using soft form fitting blade to fulfill CVT, it cuts output pellets in various lengths, and without burrs.

2. Novel and unique design, simple structure, easy to assemble and disassemble, and easy to operate.

3. Nut and screw of the fish feed pellet mill are made of special high temperature resistant alloy steel, and gone through heat treatment. They have advantages of wear resistance and long lifespan.

floating fish feed extruder machine are unique pressurized die device inside to make sure the output capacity and quality of feeds. And electric heating device is equipped to improve the feed expansion rate.

5. Main motor of the feed pellet mill adopts high quality Y series three phases motor to make sure the machine is highly powerful.

6. Speed adjective feed system makes sure it’s easy to operate and feed evenly to prevent machine jam.

7. Easy to change matrix. By using matrix with different diameters, customer can have pellets with various diameters.

8. Screw of 
floating fish feed extruder machine adopts split structure, easy to clean and change.

9. Output float pellets can float on water surface for over 12 hours and still stick together. Fish and animal like to eat and digest easily. Customer can observe the consumption of fish and frog, to avoid waste and contamination of water. Raw materials are sterilized by high temperature and pressure to eliminate E. coli, salmonella and other harmful bacteria, to make sure feed pellets’ sanitation. In this way, it’s helpful to protein transform and Gelatinized starch, easy for fish and animal to digest and absorb.

10. Usually puffed floating fish feed saves 8-15% than powder or grain form feed.

floating fish feed extruder machine can produce sinking aqua livestock feed. By eliminating most of toxins, anti-nutritional factors and urine antitrypsin enzyme contained in raw materials, feeds are easy for animals to digest and absorption, to improve digestion and utilization of nutrients.

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