The feed pellet machine is used for making feed pellet machine

The feed pellet making machine is used for making feed pellet machine.Diameter can be changed between 1.5 and 8 mm (need to change mould), length can be adjusted between 5 and 20 mm.
Feed pellet machine is driven by electric motor or diesel engine ,which makes it more energy-saving and easy to operate.Our flat die pellet making machinery is simple structure which is easy operation and maintains.Any type of agricultural material is OK. Like wheat bran, soybean bran, rice husk, straw stalk,any kinds of biomass stalks is the good material for producing feed pellets.These biomass materials have natural nutrition what the animal, poultry and livestock needed.The temperature is about 70℃ in process, so the protein freezes, the nutritional value increases and the small pellet mill is easy to absorbed for animals, pellets inside is ripening and outside slippy, rigid enough, suitable for long-term storage.The pellets made by our feed pellet mill have high density and high combustion value. The pellet specifications can be adjusted at will through changing dies. The made feed pellets have smooth surface, suitable density and higher curing degree.Because of the high pressure and stable operation, our wood pellet mills can make good density pellets without bond.The feed pellet making machines have the oil pump matched, which can lubricate the rollers automatically when they are working.

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