The feed pellet machine consist of three parts: the feeding part, the working part anddischarging part.

The feed pellet mill consist of three parts: the feeding part, the working part anddischarging part. The roller and die is the main component of the working part which is making pellet.The die keep rotating and the roller keep still during producing pellets.Under high rotating friction,the natural lignin will release out ofthe material and become the binder.So there is no need any binder in the whole pellet processingThe particle formation process enables the grain, legume trypsin boycott factor degeneration, reduce adverse effects on the digestion, The feed pellet making machine can kill the parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, reducing the variety of parasitic diseases and digestive tract system diseases..the pellet mill have smooth surface,appropriate hardness,high degree of inner curing which could lead to starch pasting and protein solidification,improved nutritive quality of feed,easy digestion and absorption,as well as the death of common pathogenic germ and parasite.This kind feed pellet machine can process more kinds of sawdust, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, hulls, forestry wastes, wood chips, chemical waste and many other wastes or solid powder materials. The raw material is under dried condition, which is compressed and formed into small eraser-sized bits, the final pellets is clean, pleasant and smooth.

features of feed pellet machine

1.The feed production machine can process different materials such as corn, maize, barley, wheat, grass, grains, molasses, and some other raw materials.
2. The price is low, the utility model is strong, and the operation is convenient and simple.
3. We can customize the different capacities from 1 ton per hour to 10 ton per hour or even more.
4. The feed pellet machine installed in the 50-150 square meters, high 6-13 meters of the plant.With compact structure and small area, the feed pellet machine greatly reducing the construction investment of the plant.

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